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Hotel de Ville de Saint-Avold, 36, Boulevard de Lorraine, Saint Avold, France 57500

The Department of France

Posted 8 August 2017

Posted 5 August 2017

Introducing Margraten Post NL01 new Chaplain, Comrade "Maddog" Maddox! Chaplain Maddox opening and closing prayers at today's Membership Meeting were beautiful.

Posted 31 July 2017
Audie Murphy Post GR30
Today, The American Veterans Club “My Place” in Kitzingen started to have BINGO again. We had 15 players for this event with cash (Euros) prizes. Gabi Vaughan of Unit GR30 Is bringing back activities to the Kitzingen and Wurzburg area.

       Our caller Harry Hall from Post GR42                                       A picture of our players


Department President Dennis also playing                      Susanne “Sam” Molner selling the cards.

Posted 31 July 2017
Audie Murphy Post GR30
 1300 UNTIL ???????
 12 AUGUST 2017
ADULTS 8.00 €
50/50 RAFFEL

Posted 22 July 2017

Posted 16 July 2017
General Membership Meeting for American Legion Post Margraten NL01 , August 4 at 10:30 AM,
Posted 16 July 2017
The Vilseck Kontakt Klub has agreed to allow our post to use its facilities for our meeting on teh 27th. This is the building in the Commissary/PX parking lot across from (and near) the theater. Who is going to join us?
Posted 13 July 2017
For my non PUFL members, just a reminder that the new membership year started 1 July. You can pay online or bring your $35 by cash or check to our meeting on the 27th. You can even bring $40 and use the extra $5 to get 6 tickets in the 50/50 raffle.
Posted 12 July 2017
Look our sign is up! Thank you for all the hospitality ASCC Thrift Shop. Thank You DPW and our
Great Neighbors

Posted 12 July 2017

The American Legion, Fr. Francis P. Duffy Post No.2, Killarney, Ireland
In 2005, my husband and I (both veterans, NEARNG) made a trip to Killarney, Ireland, and stumbled across The Flesk Restaurant one evening. We were amazed to find American Legion license plates adorning the walls. We discovered that the owner, Dermot O'Leary, had actually served with the United States Army during Vietnam. The Flesk Restaurant is a memorial American Legion post for Fr. Francis P. Duffy, which still holds meetings to this day.
After we returned to the United States, we obtained a license plate from our local American Legion – Sutton, Nebraska, Post 61 – and mailed it to The Flesk. I was always curious to know if they received it, hung it or if the place was still in existence.
Recently in June 2017, my two sisters and I (they are both currently serving with the NEANG) took a trip to Killarney and went to The Flesk Restaurant. I was overjoyed to see our Sutton American Legion plate proudly displayed!
The owner has since passed away, but his family continues his tradition.
Sutton, Neb., American Legion Post 61 license plate now hangs proudly
at The Flesk Restaurant in Killarney, Ireland.
              The Flesk Restaurant displays American Legion license plates from
                                                            all over the USA.
                                                                                                           Dermot O'Leary served with the U.S. Army during Vietnam.
Fr. Francis P. Duffy (1871-1932) remains the most highly                 American Legion Post 998 letter that hangs in the post decorated chaplain in the history of the United States Army.
Posted 11 July 2017
Flanders Field Post BE02 General Meeting, Wednesday, 02 August @ 1930hrs
SHAPE, Bldg. 313, Main Gym
Posted 7 July 2017
Margraten Post NL01 & Flanders Field Post BE02 working the American Belgian Friendship Day celebration at Kleine Brogel o Friday, 07 July
Having a great time at the Belgian-American Friendship Day Andy Clevenger, Ray Vincent, Joseph Schram, and Jim Brotherton in Peer Belgium
Posted 5 July 2017
4th of July in the Netherlands
Who would have paid big $$ to see Ray and Andy race this obstacle course? We should have done it dude, that would have been HILARIOUS!
Oh c'mon! You look so shocked? Like, you didn't KNOW this was coming........?
Posted 4 July 2017
All set up for the Independence Day Celebration
Posted 1 July 2017

Maurice Sperandieu and Carl Hale traveled to Lille, France, today and participated in a special US Independence Day ceremony and American BBQ at the Headquarters, Rapid Reaction Corps - France. Thank you to Colonel Sadler for the invitation. A great day with our US and NATO Military personnel.


Posted 28 June 2017
Brig Gen Robin Olds Post TH01, Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand
On May 22, 2015 an application for forming a post was sent to the Dept. of France. This was after several months of recruiting enough people to meet the requirements to form a post. This was quite a challenge as,being located in Ubon, Thailand,there are not a lot of Americans let alone those that had served. But through much dedication by our commander and others, we were able to recruit enough members. Our temporary charter was approved on Oct 20, 2015 and our permanent charter was signed on July 21, 2016 by National Adjutant at National Headquarters in Indianapolis,Indiana and countersigned signed by the Cammander and the Adjutant for the Dept of France at Germany on July 31, 2016
Posted 25 June 2017
A ceremony honouring Irish native, Private First Class Michael J. Moffatt, Company “A”, 105th Infantry Regiment, 27th Infantry Division, United States Army, Killed in Action in France on October 18th 1918 took place at his resting site in Kiltoghert Cemetery, Carrick-on-Shannon, Co. Leitrim, Ireland on 4th June 2017.  PFC Moffatt was originally buried at the Somme American Military Cemetery in Northeast France and his remains were re-patriated to Ireland at the family’s request in 1922 and hastily buried with little or no military formality at the Moffatt burial plot in Kiltoghert.  For nearly 95 years Michael has lain in an unmarked grave but thanks to the efforts of his nephew, Eamon Moffatt and Michael Noone of The American Legion, a US Military type Headstone is now in place, courtesy of the American Department of Veteran’s Affairs.  The ceremony, conducted by the American Legion Post IR-03 in Ireland, included unveiling the headstone, blessing the grave by local Parish Priest Fr. Brendan McDonagh, folding of a US burial flag and presentation to Next of Kin, Eamon Moffatt, a rendition of laments and marches by Piper Pat Conlon, laying a wreath on behalf of The American Legion by Legionnaire Gerard Duignan, a relation of the Moffatt family, sounding the Last Post by a bugler and finishing off with playing both National Anthems.  An attendance of over one hundred neighbours, friends, parishioners and Irish Veterans were present to remember and honour this courageous soldier from the Great War.
Posted 24 June 2017
Margraten Post NL01 general meeting on Friday, 23 June.
Commander Vincent congratulates the newest member of the Post Ray Perez
Jim Brotherton and Mark Chernek a couple of photogenic patriots
Posted 12 June 2017
Youth Fishing June 2017
Great time watching the youth of Ansbach fish today.
Kid’s Fishing Day with Legion Post 1982
Going fishing with our young children is one of the most natural things in the world.  Many parents start when the youngsters are old enough to show some interest in trying to catch a fish.
For Soldiers stationed in Germany, things are a little different.  The kids cannot legally fish, i.e. get a fishing license, until the age of 16.  There are provisions for younger kids, age 10 to 16, to fish under the direct supervision of a parent with a fishing license.  The problem is, how do the military parents get their fishing license?  This process is more difficult in Germany than in the United States.
American Legion Post 1982, in Ansbach, Germany, wanted to give this opportunity to fish with younger children to the local Soldiers and their families.  The military controls a lake, appropriately named Soldier’s Lake, on our installation near the Urlas Shopping Center in Katterbach.  The Legionnaires coordinated with the local MWR Outdoor Recreation to allow children to fish with their parents.  This initial coordination started about five years ago.
Now, the Kid’s Fishing Day is a tradition in the US Army Garrison Ansbach.  We conducted our first Kid’s Fishing Day of this year on 3 June.  Approximately 80 kids and 70 parents came out and fished.  To keep it all legal, Mr. Fred Lane, Hunting and Fishing Coordinator with Outdoor Recreation, coordinated to have several licensed fishermen present on the lake to assist the young fishermen and -women. Outdoor Rec provided the fishing tackle, as well as bait.  They also stocked the lake with trout before the event.  Mr. Lane and his assistants were very supportive.
The Lakehouse, situated directly on the lake, with its grill and tables, was used for preparing and serving the food and also to sit and eat in the shade.  The shade was appreciated; as the day was very warm by German standards.
Post 1982 supports two days of kid’s fishing on the lake each summer, usually on the first Saturday in June and in August.  In addition to donuts, water and soft drinks during the morning, Veterans provided a free lunch of hamburgers, chips, soft drinks and fresh fruit pieces to the kids and parents.  
For this event, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 10708 assisted with providing water, charcoal, and soft drinks and helping with the grill and serving lines at lunch.  Fishing medals were provided to each child who participated, whether they had nabbed a fish or not.  This year, the local Service Credit Union also provided insulated lunch bags as gifts for each child. 
As can be seen in the photos, the kids loved it.  Parents also enjoyed the opportunity to spend a morning in the fresh air with the kids; without the television, computer games or cell phones as a distraction.  There were also valuable lessons learned by the kids. Worms and maggots must be put on the hooks.  Not every fisherman catches a fish.  Once caught, the fish must be killed and then cleaned.  Parents get to answer lots of questions from the little ones.
Susan Houston, Legion Post 1982 Commander, said “Overall, the Kid’s Fishing Day was a great success!  The weather was warm and sunny, the fish were biting, and the kids had a great time.  Parents were happy to spend a Saturday morning with their kids in a different atmosphere.  Veterans from the Legion and VFW, as well as MWR reps, were happy to work together and provide a successful event for the local community.  It was a win-win situation for everyone involved!”
Posted 9 June 2017