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Hotel de Ville de Saint-Avold, 36, Boulevard de Lorraine, Saint Avold, France 57500

The Department of France

Please see attached document. It has been requested that this information be sent out again by the Adjutant of GR1982.
Access Roster - They have only received 3 requests to be added to the access roster. If you do not have an ID card and desire to enter post hassle free please provide your information indicated on the attached document, to the POC’s please provide this information NLT 4 March 2017.
Buffet Lunch - The post has only received 6 responses to the buffet lunch, if you are planning to have lunch on site at GR1982’s Post Home please order by 11 March 2017. (See document for menu and cost)
POC Is Adjutant Estus Smith at E-Mail   or Vice Commander Christopher Buchanan at E-Mail
Thanking you in advance for your attention to this matter
James Settle
For God and Country
The American Legion
Department of France
Department Officers,
Post Commanders/Adjutants,
The following information is provided by David Chavez Post GR1982 Leadership. The areas highlighted in yellow are important.
We have conducted most of our preparations for the Department Executive Committee Meeting scheduled for 18 March 2017. 

Date:  Saturday, 18 March 2017    Time:  approx. 0930-1700  
Location:  Legion Home, Bldg 5515, Katterbach Kaserne, Ansbach, GE (See directions below.)
Address for Navi:  Katterbach Kaserne, 91522 Ansbach/Katterbach

Buffet lunch: 1130-1230 (served on site) Cost: $15.00/person
Buffet menu will include Wiener Schnitzel, Schweinebraten, Bratwurst, Chicken Wings with various beilage and salads.  Soft drinks, water and coffee are available and included in this price.   Coffee, water and soft drinks will also be available at reasonable cost throughout the day.
Suggested schedule for the DEC meeting is as follows:
0930 - 1130               Sign-in
1130 - 1230               Past Commanders Meeting
1130 - 1230               Buffet Lunch
1230 – complete       Department Executive Committee Meeting
We are planning to work an access roster for those Comrades who do not have ID cards.  We will need full name, nationality, date of birth, passport number, as well as your vehicle make, model and license plate number.  This information must be emailed to either Estus Smith or Chris Buchanan NOT LATER THAN 4 March 2017.  Email info is as follows:
Estus Smith –
Chris Buchanan – 
The other option is to ride with someone who has an ID card.  They can then sign you in at the gate.
Should anyone be coming by train and need a ride from the Ansbach Hauptbahnhof, please email Estus Smith with your arrival time.  We can pick you up.
Directions to meeting area:  Exit Autobahn A-6 at the Ansbach Exit, take highway B-13 north to Ansbach.  At junction of B-13 and B-14, take B-14 east toward Nurnberg.  Travel about three KM to Katterbach and installation, continue past installation, turn right, travel across railroad crossing, then right again to entrance gate.  (Note:  Do not take the left turn BEFORE Katterbach into the housing area and PX/Commissary area.)  Turn left just past Entry Control Point, travel 300 M to stop sign at Service Credit Union.  Turn left and travel 600 M toward housing area.  Legion Home (Bldg 5515) is first building on the right after entering housing area.  Parking is available across the street in front of the Legion Home.
For those planning to stay overnight, rooms are available at the Hotel Windmuehle, Rummelsberger Strasse 1, 91522 Ansbach (approx. 3 km from meeting area). 
POC Phone:  0981-972000     Email:
Room prices:  Single room is 71-81 EURO.  Double room is 101-114 EURO
Those needing rooms should coordinate directly with the hotel.  Contact info above
Not later than 4 March – Information noted above for Comrades without ID cards.
Not later than 11 March – Who will be joining us for the buffet lunch?  We need to get a headcount for the caterer.  Email to Estus Smith is best way to communicate this.
Please look over this information and let me know if you need any additional information from us.  My email is above.  My phone is 07951-27215 and cell is 0152-5406-8940.
Looking forward to seeing you at the DEC,
Estus Smith
David Chavez Post 1982
18 MARCH 2017 
FOR: All Department Officers, Past Department Commanders, Post Commanders and Delegates, Committee Chairpersons and Program Directors.
SUBJECT: First Call for the 3rd Department Executive Committee Meeting.
REFERENCE: Department of France Constitution and By-Laws dated   June 2011
1. This letter constitutes notification to all addresses that the 3rd Department Executive Committee Meeting will convene at 1300 hours on 18 March 2017, at Hotel- Katterbach Kaserne, Ansbach Germany. Hosted by GR1982.
2. The agenda of business to be considered at the meeting will be provided at the registration desk. Registration of DEC delegates will begin at 09:30 hours on Saturday 18 March 2017.
3. Representation for the DEC is covered by the Department Constitution, Article IX, Section 2, “two (2) representatives from each Post of the Department which shall be members in good standing within their own Post and have written delegation from their Post Commander or Adjutant.”
4. A quorum for the DEC is covered by the Department By-Laws, Article II, Section 4, “fourteen (14) voting members of the Department Executive Committee representing not less than nine (9) Posts, shall constitute a quorum and of this quorum, at least five (5) members present must be Department of France Officers with voting privileges.”
5. All Past Department Commanders have a voice and vote in accordance with Article IX Department Executive Committee Section 2 The Voting Members.
6. The schedule of events follows:
18 March
09:30 – 11:30
11:30 – 12:30
Past Commander’s Club Meeting
11:30 -  12:30
Buffet Lunch
12:30 -  16:30  
3rd  DEC
Maxwell Rice                                                                                                      John Shanahan
Department Adjutant                                                                                           Department Commander

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