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Department of France 2019-2020 Officers
UPDATED 10 June, 2020
2019-2020 Department Contact List UPDATED 10 June 2020
Department Vice Commander's Post Assignments
Vice Commander at Large Joe D. Brown
Generals Ward & Chennault & Lt Helseth Post CP01
Copenhagen Post DK01
Rhein Neckar Post GR03
Rhein Main Post GR05
George S. Patton Post GR45
Portugal Post PO01
Brig Gen. Robin Olds Post TH01
Headquarters Post 9999
Vice Commander Santos Alvarado
Stuttgart Post GR06
Riley Leroy Pitts Post GR07
Thomas W. Barnett Post GR14
Audie Murphy Post GR30
Omar Bradley Post GR42
John Wayne Post GR79
Isabel La Catolica Post SP292
Vice Commander Liam Kane
Paris Post FR01     
The Pride of Erin Post IR01  
Father Francis P. Duffy Post IR02
Commodore John Barry Post IR03
Rome Post IT01
Liberty Post EG02
Vice Commander Dennis Owens
Flanders Field Post BE02
Kaiserslautern Post GR01
Ramstein Post GR02
Eifel Post GR20
Molesworth Post EG303
John F. Kennedy Post IR63
Vice Commander Quincy Foster
Riviera Post FR05
Athens Post GC01
Sgt William D. Nelson Post GR09
Dwight D. Eisenhower Post GR13
David Chavez Post GR1982
Margraten Post NL01