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Hotel de Ville de Saint-Avold, 36, Boulevard de Lorraine, Saint Avold, France 57500

The Department of France

Updated 8 February 2017
Flanders Field Post BE02
Flanders Field Pos BE02                                                      Website
Flanders Field Post BE02                                                     Facebook
Flanders Field Post BE02 Legion Riders                            Facebook
Pictues of Flanders Field Post BE02 events                        Website
Flanders Field Post BE02 Adopt A Grave Program1        Website
Copenhagen Post DK01
Copenhagen Post DK01 Facebook page                               Facebook
Paris Post FR01 Website                                                        Website
Paris Post FR01 Facebook page                                             Facebook
Athens Post GC01
Athens Post GC01 Facebook page                                         Facebook
The Pride of Erin Post IR01
The Pride of Erin Post IR01 Facebook page                         Facebook
John F. Kennedy Post IR63
John F. Kennedy Post IR63 Facebook page                          Facebook
China Post CP01
Shanghai China Post CP01 Website                                       Website
China Post CP01 Facebook page                                             Facebook
China Post CP01 Legion Riders Website                               Website
China Post CP01 Baguio City Philippines Website               Website
China Post CP01 Philippines Facebook page                         Facebook
Thailand Post TH01
Thailand Post TH01 Facebook page                                        Facebook
Kaiserslautern Post GR01
Kaiserslautern Post GR01 Facebook Page                             Facebook
Stuttgart Post GR06
Stuttgart Post GR06 Website                                                  Website
Stuttgart Post GR06 Facebook                                                Facebook
Riley LeRoy Pitts Post GR07
Riley LeRoy Pitts Post GR07 Website                                    Website
Riley LeRoy Pitts Post GR07 Legion Riders Website           Website
Thomas W. Barnett Post GR14
American Legion Thomas W. Barnett Post GR14                 Facebook
John Wayne Post GR79
John Wayne Post GR79 Website                                              Website
David Chavez Post GR1982
David Chavez Post GR1982 Facebook page                             Facebook
If your Post has Website or Facebook Page please notify me at and I will be more than happy to add it to the above list.


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