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For More Base Access Information
Please contact Department of Farnce Membership Chairman Joe D. Brown at

Posted 14 October 2017
Now is when we need everyone’s help to keep this forward momentum going. We cannot afford to ease up now.
Please help us out, and renew your membership now and ask a friend if he or she has renewed their membership. And if you’re not sure if they are a members

You can renew online at www.legion.org/renew or send your renewal direct to your Post Adjutant

For more info, Membership Chairman Charlie Brown at.

 If you have already renewed for the 2018 year and you receive a
renewal notice from the National Headquarters for the 2018 membership year, PLEASE DISREGARD the notice, as your 2018
membership card is proof of your renewal.

Thank You for your Help
Charlie  Brown
Department Membership Chairman

Posted 21 September2017
Greetings Comrades,
I hope this email finds all of you well. All of the new members who signed up at the KMCC Mall have been BCCed, as well as the ones whom the National Commander signed up during his recent visit. Those whom the National Commander signed up will need to complete a no-cost transfer into GR02, which we can do during the meeting.
It is almost time, this Saturday at 1300 we will all meet (as schedules allow) and get this newly rebooted Post going!
The location is at the Kaiserslautern Post GR01 home (thank you GR01 for allowing us the space) on Rhein Ordnance Barracks bldg T-368 (GPS 49.445634, 7.689420).
There are a few important items we must decide at this organizational meeting: Post Officers, future location, date/time of future meetings, a constitution & bylaws. We have a temporary charter, and need to accomplish these few tasks to get our permanent charter as well as getting a bank account and private org status with 86FSS/USAG RP.
If you can come early, I will be bringing some burgers to grill up, and the GR01 post home has a few drinks available on an honor-pay system. The meeting will start at 1300 SHARP, and we will have a great number of our Department Officers there to meet and learn from, from all over Europe. We want you to succeed and will do what we can to help you do so.
This meeting will be semi-formal as far as an opening and closing, but will be yours once we get some Post officers elected. I look forward to seeing you there!
For God and Country
Dave Etter
Dept of France Vice Commander, The American Legion
+49 1 6099 68 6767 (cell/text)


Posted 18 September 2017
Legion Awareness Drives are producing results
                                         The Legion recruiting team for today's visit to Lakenheath Post EG-02, working the table at the BX
                                         David Fuller, Vice Commander; Troy Rehmert, Chaplain; and John Shanahan, Post IR-01 Commander.
Great Legion weekend!
  The recruiting team for Lakenheath's Post EG-02 in action great Saturday at the BX at Lakenheath.

Posted 3 September 2017
Who is Responsible for Getting the Word Out?
The Legion Must Not Die on Our Watch!
We Owe Growth to Our Predecessors, Current Veterans, and Those to Come
How to Recruit & Retain Members
1. Educate yourself as to the Legion’s Missions. Know the purpose of The Americans Legion       Four Pillars.
2. Educate yourself on the past and present services to our Veteran’s, our Children, our Community, and Nation
3. Form a Membership Recruitment Team
4. Ask Wartime Vets to Join Your Post
Welcome the New Member
1. Find out His/her area of interest and expertise
2. Assign new members to a committee
3. Continue to mentor and teach new members about Legion
4. Elect new member to Post Office
How to Keep Existing Members
1. Create a District/Post Membership Team
2. Train existing members, and new Officers on membership recruiting and retention.
3. Improve Post Appearance
4. Recruit from Available Pools of Veterans
5. Review Expired Member List from www.mylegion.org
6. Keep your Post and Membership in the good eye of the General Public, dress the part at Post Meetings and in Public
7. Importance’s of Welcoming & Mentoring New Members
How to Retain Existing Members
1. Ongoing Mentoring. Good officers just don’t fall from the sky armed with the knowledge       necessary to do the job. Like new members, officers who have never been mentored remain as wet behind their ears as they were when they first joined the Legion. If they were never mentored or asked to be on a committee, then the office will either go vacant or be held by someone not fit for the job.  In either case, the Post will gradually wither away like an unattended garden.
2. Active & Rewarding Committee Assignments
3. Importance of an Interesting Annual Calendar of Events 
4. Advanced planning to encourage attendance at Post meetings and Post functions.

 Posted 1 September 2017

The 2018 membership year kicked off on 1 July 2017.
Please help us out, and renew your membership now....

You can renew online at
www.legion.org/renew or send your renewals to
Your American Legion Post

For more info, you can contact me at:

 If you have already renewed for the 2018 year and you receive a
renewal notice from the National Organization for the 2018 membership year,
PLEASE DISREGARD the notice, as your 2018
membership card is proof of your renewal.
Sincerely Department Membership Chairman
Charlie  Brown
Thank You

Posted 28 August 2017
The new members from GR 02 Awareness Drive Ramstein Air Base
The awareness drive went, there were 24 applications filled out for new members for Post GR02, three new members for Post GR07, and one for NL01 for a total of 28 members. Special thanks for Vice Commander Etter for organizing the awareness drive through KMC Ramstein at the shopping center. I also would like to thank the other members that also participated to make the awareness drive a success, Department Commander Dennis, Vice Commanders Logan, Dale and auxiliary president Sonja Dennis who also processed an application for a new member.
There will be a distribution list complied of all new members and they will be emailed as to when there will be a meeting planned  no later than the end of September. we are on the right track to getting the post active to operate in the Ramstein community. The next awareness drive is planned for Saturday the 26 of August at Gr45 located in Vilseck Germany. We are looking forward to having the same results as today plus more applicants to join our organization,  The American Legion Department Of France.
Vcal Commander 
Membership Chairman.

Posted 8 August 2017
American Legion Department of France Awareness Drives are in Full Swing
Now is time to jump on the Band Wagon
Margraten Post NL01 had a very successful Awareness Drive at AAFES Commissary USAG Benelux-Schinnen. We've added two new members to the Post and one renewal. Special thanks to Post Commander Ray Vincent and 2nd Vice Harvey Briggs III for their help and dedication.
Post BE02 hosted a membership drive at the AAFES PX on Chievres. We recruited 14 new members for the Post, 2 renewals, 1 transfer, 1 new members for the SAL, and 1 new member for the Auxiliary. Successful day with the help of Legionnaire Mike Walraf and 1st Vice Commander Haney.

Posted 5 August 2017

American Legion Awareness Table
We are holding an American Legion Awareness drive to help support the revitelation of Ramstein Post GR02.
The Awareness Table will be setup on Ramstein Air Base, on 19 August 2017, from 1000hrs until 1600hrs.
This is the largest military community in Europe, and it would be great if we could get as many Department Office and Legionnaires as possible to help support the American Legion Awareness Table.
Please let me know if you can come and out to support this very important drive.
Charlie Brown
Department of France VCAL
Membership Chairman

Posted 27 July 2017
Why You Should Belong to The American Legion
Each year, American Legion department service officers help thousands of veterans receive VA benefits they earned through service to their country. The Legion conducts, promotes and supports hundreds of career fairs for veterans and transitioning service members, bringing employers face to face with job hunters. Legion staff lobbies Congress for better quality of life for U.S. military personnel.

Posted 25 July 2017
I would like to thank you all for renewing in a timely manner. It is not yet the end of July and over one
half of our membership has renewed.
We either have your checks, or notification that you’ve renewed on line. Your over stamped China Post
cards have been mailed. Should you receive any other reminders from national, disregard them, you are
good to go.
I’d also like to remind you that our reunion will be 21-24 September at the Westgate Resort and Casino
in Las Vegas. For hotel reservations:
800-635- 7711, China Post 1, American Legion, Group Code SCP7R
Or, you can go on line https://aws.passkey.com/go/SCP7R
Rooms are $49 a night, weeknights and $79 a night for Friday and Saturday nights. An upgrade is
available (newly renovated rooms) for $69 and $99, respectively. Parking is free and resort charge is
reduced to $10 a night.
For reunion registration, go to our web page: www.chinapost1.org
For those of you who were able to donate to the Dragon Fund, thank you very much. It is appreciated.
Ron Burkett
China Post #1 Commander

Posted 22 July 2017
The American Legion Kaiserslautern Post GR01 Awareness Drive is complete (on site that is) for today. Signed up nine new members, transferred in two PUFLs, and got two new S.A.L.
In addition, a lesson was learned: if you are going on a military installation and need signed in, be sure to bring your letter of residency as well as your passport. I guess the military is getting tougher on who gets access.

Posted 22 July 2017

Join us at the Schinnen Commissary on August 5th at 1000hrs. We will have an American Legion Information Table setup and Margraten Post NL01 needs your help.

Posted 16 July 2017

I need a few people to help with our first recruiting drive of the 2018 year. The department and Legion offer certificates of recognition and even pins or awards dependent on how many people you recruit.
Saturday July 22nd at 12 PMPx Grafenwoehr
I think we, as a post, need to do everything we can to hold a recruiting event on the 22nd in Grafenwoehr. Why? Because the Dunkin Donut kiosk will be there. We should have plenty of people to talk to.
Posted 7 April 2017
Liberty Post EG02 hit the 100 member mark
Liberty Post EG-02 has hit the 100-member mark as of this weekend. Here is a tip of the cap to Post Commander Gary Thomas and members Mark Hostetler, Tim Litherland and Wyatt Hall for their great support in achieving this milestone.
Posted 6 April 2017
National Vice Commander Paul Martel visits The Department of France to Help Promote Membership
National Vice Commander Paul Martel visiting with the members of GR07 in Wiesbaden, Germany
National Vice Commander Paul Martel is speaking with a young Airman during the membership drive at Ramstein Air Force on Tuesday, 04 April. NVC Martel spent time this week at Wiesbaden, Spangdahlem, Ramstein, Ansbach and Grafenwoehr.
Congratulations David Chavez Post 1982, Ansbach Germany for passing 100% membership milestone
Davis Chavez Post 1982 did a terrific job in supporting the visit of NVC Paul Martell.
National Vice Commander Paul Martel works with members of George S. Patton Post GR45 to improve membership