Department of France


The American Legion, Department of France, Department Service Officer, is an important and vital link in The American Legion’s nationwide network of volunteer and professional Service Officers.

The American Legion offers a full range of assistance to veterans and their families through our Department Service Officer (DSO). located in Germany at +49 172 6879915.

One of the primary roles of the DSO is to assist veterans in filing claims with the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA). Membership in The American Legion is not a prerequisite for assistance from our DSO. The role and responsibilities of our Department Service Officer, in processing a claim through the DVA, are varied, complex, and must be accomplished in strict adherence to a myriad of regulations and procedures.

A Department Service Officer’s liaison and assistance through the DVA begins with assignment of Accredited Representative status to The American Legion. Upon recognition of such status by the DVA, authorized American Legion representatives in the Department of France and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, may be granted full access to all information in a veteran’s claim file as well as summarized computer data at designated VA facilities.

Francis (Frank) Phillips is accredited through the American Legion and recognized by the Veteran Affairs Office of General Counsel as an accredited Veteran Service Officer.