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Welcome Package Contents

These files are recommended to be handed out to Claimants who are submitting their claim. These documents may be used for initial claims or subsequent claims.

The files are submitted in a logical order. (I.e. 1. VA21-22 is the first page)

Insert the Introduction first


1.  Power of Attorney: VA 21-22 (Form Date: MAR2019)

2.  Intent to File: VA 21-0966 (Form Date: AUG2018)

3.  Request for Medical and Personnel Files: SF180 (Form Dated NOV2015)

4.  Request for files in the possesion of Veteran Affairs: VA 3288 (Form Dated OCT1995)

5.  Claim Conditions Work sheet

6.  NEXUS Letter FAQ

7.  Suggested Claims Organizational Tips (Notebook / Folders)


9.  Developing a claim coversheet

10. Compensation and Pension Exams tips