Department of France

Foreign Medical Program
Information and Brochures for the FMP
Foreign Medical Program Policy Manual (Dated: JAN2018)
FMP Instructions for enrollment and reimbursement
Initial Foreign Medical Program Enrollment Form: VA 10-7559f-1 (Dated MAR2016)
Reimbursement form for FMP: VA 10-7959f-2 (Dated MAR2016)
Reimbursement additional information form: VA 21-4138 (Dated JAN2015)
FMP brochure as pdf
FMP Handbook (Web Dated OCT2018)
Claim Authorization Instructions for Germany
FAQ Sheet (Dated JUL2015)
FAQ Sheet in German (Dated JUL2015)


Home Improvement and Structural Alterations information

Home Improvement and Structural Alterations Package


Automotive adaptive equipment faq

Automotive adaptive equipment brochure